Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Special Agent T-Shirt Contest #2

Contest Closed - We have a winner.

This man invented one of the first electronic eavesdropping devices. It was used extensively by the private detective William J. Burns in the early 20th Century. What was this inventor's full name (He has a 3-word name)?  (Enter here.)

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The prize - our Limited Edition Special Agent Black T-Shirt. (Size: Large)
Answer: Kelly Monroe Turner

("How limited," I hear you say.)  
Well, there are only three in the whole world! (one medium, one large, one x-large) And, they will be awarded in that order. So if you're a big Special Agent, wait for the last contest.

We designed this custom t-shirt ourselves! It's easy, go to They have a DIY on-line design lab! All types of t's, all colors, all prices. These are the Champion brand with the logo on the left sleeve.