Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Special Agent T-Shirt Contest #1

Contest Closed - We have a winner.

According to a Life Magazine article from 1966, what piece of "eavesdropping equipment" could a person buy for five hundred dollars?
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(Hint: the answer can be found on

ANSWER: A martini olive bug.

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The prize - our Limited Edition Special Agent Black T-Shirt. (Size: Medium)

("How limited," I hear you say.)  
Well, there are only three in the whole world! (one medium, one large, one x-large) And, they will be awarded in that order. So if you're a big Special Agent, wait for the last contest.

We designed this custom t-shirt ourselves! It's easy, go to They have a DIY on-line design lab! All types of t's, all colors, all prices. These are the Champion brand with the logo on the left sleeve.